Our Strategy

At moonWalker associates, we are policy advocates with a mission to drive innovation and help innovators. We’re committed to innovative thinking that breaks down policy barriers facing those who are redefining the future.

  • If you have an innovative concept, we can get it heard in the policy process
  • If your company has an innovative product, we can help get it recognized by policy-makers and government agencies
  • If government actions are impeding the development of new ideas and investments, we can find the people in government who are willing to challenge bureaucratic opposition

Success Stories:

  • We’ve helped companies move from early stage innovation to billion dollar valuations 
  • We’ve moved a small company with a space debris cleanup concept to a NASA Space Act Agreement and a promised deployment on the International Space Station 
  • We’ve worked with a major university to develop high level relationships with NASA and the U.S. Space Force
  • We’re actively involved with a major satellite provider on broadband issues 
  • We’ve been at the forefront of addressing the issues of the future such as space nuclear, hydrogen fuel cells, advanced nuclear reactors, and space solar power
Joining the Vice President, Buzz Aldrin and others as the President signs Presidential Space Directive One at the White House.
Hosting a Former Members of Congress (FMC) panel with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine; Brendan Curry of Planetary Society; Rep. Kendra Horn (D-OK); Director Kevin O’Connell of Space Commerce; and Executive Secretary of National Space Council Dr. Scott Pace.

At moonWalker we combine our knowledge of both subject matter and the legislative process in ways no other firm can match.

We interact with policymakers on a regular basis, bringing respected perspective into their deliberations. That’s why we continue to be leaders in the development of space and technology policy and bring our clients into that environment.

It is our depth of expertise and experience that makes moonWalker a truly unique source of successful advocacy.

How We Work

At moonWalker, we are focused on client success. In the past, our professionals have helped companies like XM Radio, DigitalGlobe, SpaceX and Sierra Nevada gain the kind of foothold in the policy arena necessary to propel them to the top.

Our ability to create client success is based on three principles:

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When a potential client comes to us, we listen to the nature of their concept or program. Then we find out what they want to achieve within the public policy arena. Next, we provide an assessment of their chances for success and our initial roadmap of how we think their goals can be realized. Finally, we provide perspective on how we might work together.

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One of the crucial aspects of successful space and technology advocacy is translating tech-speak into policymaker vision. Great ideas can get lost in technical jargon that is not always readily understood by legislators and bureaucrats. As advocates, we help clients present their ideas in a way that gets the right people inside government excited about what is being proposed. That means fitting the client’s concepts into public policy packages that attract champions within the government.

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Our interaction with key policy people inside government and industry allows us to put our clients into the rooms that count. Because we carefully select the people we choose to work with, we are welcomed to bring new, even disruptive, technologies into congressional and administrative deliberations.

We are respected because we provide honest evaluations and listen carefully to what policy people tell us are attractive features of our proposals and what hurdles we might face going forward.

We always see ourselves as partners within the policy process. But we recognize that the new and sometimes disruptive nature of what we are trying to achieve will often create frustration, delay and hostility. Our job is to build and maintain a presence that is seen as constructive and visionary.

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