Stepping into the Future

Government bureaucracy can kill innovation. That's why today's innovators need a translator and an advocate to help them bring game-changing technology to market.

Honorable Robert S. Walker

Strategy Let's Drive Change Together

At moonWalker we combine our knowledge of both subject matter and the legislative process in ways no other firm can match.
  • We know the players on Capitol Hill.
  • We work closely with executive departments and agencies.
  • We understand what it takes to be heard.
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Let moonWalker give you the help you need.

Whether you're facing opposition for an innovative concept, want to get an innovative product recognized by policy-makers, or need to find people in government who are willing to challenge bureaucratic opposition, moonWalker can help!

A Track Record that Speaks for Itself

From the period just after the end of NASA's Apollo program to the present day where technological and space revolutions are underway, our Founder and CEO, Congressman Bob Walker, has been at the forefront of science, space and technology policy.

That's why he truly understands what it takes to bring innovators and legislators together.

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