A Focus on the Future

When twelve Americans left their footprints on the lunar surface, the destiny of humankind was changed forever. Those were steps into a future of unimaginable scope and potential. moonWalker associates was created to focus on that future.

moonWalker is a name which defines our mission – successful advocacy for space and technology innovators.

We believe those companies and entrepreneurs who bring new concepts and new ideas to the marketplace should be represented in the public arena by a firm that shares their commitment, their enthusiasm and their dreams. And it all begins with our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Congressman Bob Walker.

Recent Highlights:

  • Congressman Walker maintains a continued advisory role with the Department of Energy on both nuclear and hydrogen issues
  • Regular invitee to the National Space Council meetings
  • Major developer of the Trump Administration Space Policy initiatives
  • Regular commentator on space, energy and technology issues for major national news outlets; Fox News, Space News, The New York Times etc.
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Distinguished Service Medal, presented to Congressman Bob Walker in recognition of his “Unwavering dedication to NASA and Congressional leadership in promoting the vast potential of space for civilian, military, and commercial purposes.”

Walker has been in the forefront of space policy, technology policy, science policy, and politics in general for more than forty years. He wrote the first commercial space legislation that became law. He authored and co-authored bills that addressed next generation energy technologies, transportation innovation, and climate change. His work on advancing hydrogen fuel cells and advanced nuclear power is foundational for much of the clean energy initiatives now underway.

Talking space policy with President Reagan.

That work in Congress was followed by Walker’s private sector activity, bringing to fruition things he advocated for in government. He has helped nascent commercial space companies grow and prosper. Walker has worked on the development of hybrid cars and autonomous transportation. He has provided leadership on advanced energy solutions.

Throughout his private sector career, he has served as an advisor to several presidents and their administrations. He was the principal drafter of the Trump presidential campaign’s space policy and regularly attends the meeting of the National Space Council that was first suggested for reinstitution in that document.

Along with Newt Gingrich, Walker helped design and lead the Republican Revolution of 1994 which transformed the political landscape. That partnership continues today in a strategic alliance between moonWalker and Gingrich 360. It is an organizational alliance which affords our clients unique and unparalleled access to some of the most advanced public policy thinking and activity in our era.


At moonWalker, our clients reap the benefits of our in-depth knowledge of technological and space policies, our broad range of contacts inside and outside of government, and our reputation for bringing only the highest quality proposals and concepts into the policy process. In fact, in less than a year moonWalker became one of the top 10 aerospace lobbying firms in Washington according to a Bloomberg Government analysis.

We understand government. We understand business. We navigate the nexus between the government and businesses engaged in the difficult task of bringing game-changing technologies into play with bureaucratic and legislative lethargy. We are the translators who get results. Our record for getting our clients in front of key decision-makers and producing business success is arguably unparalleled.

Some chose to hire us to consult and come to actively advocate within the halls of government. In every case, we are committed to client success. Our strategic alliance with Gingrich 360 gives us a unique ability to offer our clients a chance to work with a highly successful media and consulting company with worldwide connections.

moonWalker’s focus is and always will be on the future and those who are creating that future.

Private meeting with President Trump at the celebration of his first 100 days in office.

Speaker Newt Gingrich at our Lititz home.

Flying weightless with fellow ZeroG board members

Joining the Vice President, Buzz Aldrin and others as the President signs Presidential Space Directive One at the White House.

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